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Random Acts started at a One Night Stand event of new material with the FAB Women of the Barrow Group in the fall of 2012 when I told the five-minute story of a boy, later known as ‘The Guardian Angel’, helping me on the way to kindergarten. Lee Brock encouraged me to develop this story into a solo play, and in March of 2013, I did a twenty-minute version for a First Flight Festival with the FAB Women of the Barrow Group at the TBG Studio Theater. I performed the first sixty-minute version of the play in the Emerging Artists New Work Festival to a sold-out audience in October, 2013.  The play was then accepted into The United Solo Festival to open in October, 2014. I did 3 sold out performances and went on to win the United Solo Award for ‘Best Storytelling Script’, and that version of Random Acts has been published by Indie Theater Now. Prior to doing the United Solo Festival I did 6 workshop performances supported by FAB Women of the Barrow in the TBG Studio Theater in June of 2014.  Random Acts was invited to Packer Collegiate in Brooklyn and The Hewitt School for Girls as part of their diversity programing in 2015 and 2016. Most recently Random Acts was invited to participate in a benefit for The Emerging Artists Theater as part of their Best of Festival in March of 2016. In January, 2017 Random Acts was featured in a Martin Luther King Celebration in Waterbury Center, VT at Grange Hall Cultural Center. In November, the Woodstock Jewish Congregation presented the show as part of their community programming.

Renata Hinrichs in Random Acts the Play

Photo by Mitch Traphagen

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